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    Kids Activity Printables - Multiplication Table

    Worksheets for multiplication lessons Includes 3 worksheets, 3 pdf files Enjoy more resources like this. Find exclusive, original resources you can only download from The Knowery by browsing our library of on sale resources, starting...

    Kids Activity Printables - Telling Time

    Worksheets to practice telling time for children Includes 3 worksheets, 6 files (MS Word and PDF) Enjoy more resources like this. Find exclusive, original resources you can only download from The Knowery by browsing...

    Cube Puzzles for Kids

    Cube buildings are used in math lessons (geometry grades 3-4) to train spatial imagination. Using 3D arrangements of small cubes, the students should mentally count how many small cubes are missing from...

    Leadership Training for Project Managers

    Agile leadership in the middle in management - role clarity, methodological competence, attitude and your own personality Appreciative communication for managers Emphatic conflict resolution Effective work techniques Time management Conduct...

    Prezi for Beginners

    Over 2 hours of video tutorial on Prezi and for presentations that generate enthusiasm Basics and many tips for a convincing presentation Some templates included

    Informative Preparation of Data using Excel

    Excel tutorial for the clear and informative preparation of data Pivot table in Excel: So you always have an overview even with large amounts of data Table design: Use functions...

    Office Organization - Excel Functions

    Customize Excel: use colored spreadsheets & grids, create diagram templates, remove metadata, fix columns and rows Excel calendar: create an annual calendar, calculate the calendar week and a date in...

    Excel Course - Controlling, Sales Assortment List, Units, Currency)

    Course on Excel with tips and tricks for accounting, controlling and sales Use the Excel functions to avoid unnecessary mistakes Calculate shipping costs based on weight and prices Units and...

    Become a Better Leader Through Self Care

    Week 1: The role of the managerRole assumptionThe leadership roleStress in the leadership role Week 2: implementationIn week 2 you have time to put what you have learned into practice. ...

    New Business Idea - Training

    A Europe designer has a successful side gig selling corrugated based shelves. This course includes everything needed to get started with the same business outside of Europe plus the insights...

    Start A Jam Business with This Jam Making Course

    This course includes jam making recipes plus the insights collected direct from the business owner from business launch, goal and milestone achievements to having the jams successfully received by retailers...

    Master SEO For YouTube

    22 lessons in 1.5 hours of video training that will catapult your videos to the top The recipe for success for video placement: On page and off page optimization as...

    Get More Income with Google AdSense

    Topics include: website design, keywords, search engine optimization Get more income with Google AdSense: nine hours of video training that pays off Increase the success of your websites and earn...

    Learn to Get More Followers on Instagram

    Professionally prepare your Instagram account Get strong in content: Place convincing photos, texts, videos and stories at the right time Be well prepared: Analyze the competition, find your niche and...

    Earning Money With Instagram

    Earning money with Instagram: the possibilities, the metrics, the methods and strategies Learn how to measure the value of your account and analyze your target audience Get professional tips on...

    Customer Acquisition via Facebook and Google AdWords

    Expand your customer base through a holistic marketing strategy. Interlink your website, contact form, blog, email marketing, Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. Learn to position yourself as an expert and...

    Create and Market Online Courses

    Answer to: How do I start Answer to: How do I find my topic? Answer to: How do I find more customers for my course? Answer to: How can I successfully market my course...

    Pinterest For Beginners

    Receive 7 lessons, detailed step-by-step instructions for tried and tested Pinterest strategy and 15 pin templates (for Photoshop & Canva) that you can use for your pin design.  what Pinterest...

    Blogging Photography - Course

    10 modules with concentrated photo knowledge Links to 77 video lessons Worksheets and fact sheets Exclusive Facebook group with a great community to exchange ideas BONUS 1: Module Earning money...
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