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    Wix Chocolate Website Template

    $100.00 $50.00
    This site was built for a chocolatier. very simple and easy to navigate all you need to do is put your information on it. Preview the site here

    Software or app Wix Website Template

    $149.00 $49.00
    A modern and stylish Wix website template with a pre-loaded transition, animations, icons and assets. Ideal for apps, software and services website which is fully responsive. This website template needs...

    Prezi for Beginners

    Over 2 hours of video tutorial on Prezi and for presentations that generate enthusiasm Basics and many tips for a convincing presentation Some templates included

    3D Modeling and Lighting with Cinema 4D

    25 lessons in over 3 hours of video training on 3D modeling and lighting with Cinema 4D Including work materials, including robot arms, cables and rail systems for your space...

    The Ultimate Training for JavaScript and jQuery

    52 lessons in a 10.5-hour video tutorial on JavaScript and jQuery Including practical challenges: program a quiz, a game, an FAQ page and an app

    Programming with Python

    Python tutorial for programming with 91 lessons in over eight hours of video training Including exercises to try out and appropriate solutions for self-testing Topics include: reading out files, processing...

    PHP Workshop - Basics & Tricks

    Discover the possibilities of designing web projects with PHP Basics, forms, databases, XML and Co. In addition, 4 hours of bonus material on web design with Photoshop

    Object-oriented Web Programming

    88 lessons in 10 hours of video training on object-oriented web programming with PHP From the basics to practice and as a bonus, a complete HTML / CSS template

    Modern CSS with Sass

    Become a Sass master with this three-hour video training session Define variables, create your own mixins, experiment with colors and numbers and use Compass to top it off

    JavaFX for GUI Development

    56 lessons in over 7.5 hours of video training on GUI development with JavaFX Learn how to create all the important interface elements and create your own user interface

    Java Development for Beginners

    67 lessons in 13 hours of video training to get started and advance in Java Learn Java, understand object orientation and apply it directly in exercises, including working materials

    HTML & CSS for Beginners

    All essential basics of HTML & CSS explained Learn web development from the bottom up and purposefully expand your knowledge Optimal practical relevance: the implementation of a layout for a...

    Dreamweaver Video Training

    Get to know and use Dreamweaver Implement and adapt modern websites on the web

    Develop Websites and Apps with Angular

    77 lessons in over 11.5 hours of video training on web development with Angular Get to know all the important concepts of Angular development: components, routing, modules and much more...

    Training - Develop Games with Unity

    Unity Tutorial: Over 13 hours of video content for programming games with Unity Learn the basics of the C # language and apply them immediately when developing your own games...

    Contao CMS Training

    The tutorial is available in the form of 40 videos and as a PDF with over 470 pages Topics: Blog, Newsletter, Google Maps, Forms, Search Engine Optimization, User Management

    Bootstrap for Modern Web Design

    Functions, components, possibilities: get to know and use Bootstrap In practice: Use the live example from the base to the responsive website

    Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    62 lessons in an 8-hour video tutorial to get you started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    Foliage For Cinema 4D

    Ten lessons on the Cinema 4D expansion SurfaceSPREAD and the Plants Kits from Laubwerk Introduction to the use of the plug-in and the objects SPREADscape, SPREADrock and Wire Create more...

    Linux for Beginners

    44 lessons in 4.5 hours of video tutorial on Linux and the Ubuntu operating system Your switch made easy: Basics, background knowledge, installation and application Including e-book instructions: "Linux for...
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