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    Video Editing Resources

    This is a list of about 100 resources useful for video editors, e-course creators, content managers. Recommended Use: For video editors, YouTube videos, or any of simple video projects.  Enjoy...

    Feature Film - Production Budget Template

    A full length production budget file used in real production by a film producer and instructor in one of Canada's leading colleges. Contains sample details for relevant departments with sample...

    Master SEO For YouTube

    22 lessons in 1.5 hours of video training that will catapult your videos to the top The recipe for success for video placement: On page and off page optimization as...

    Professional Video Content - Farm Life

    Each kit focuses on one type of farm activity, and each type of activity has enough footage for mini production. The kit has master shots, detail shots, b-rolls and supportive...

    Magic Bullet Looks for After Effects

    Four lessons in just under an hour of video training on plug-in looks explained step by step with a sample project file to imitate and practice on

    Cinema 4D Video Training

    Maximum creative training using a specific example: replicating the cover motif Perfect illumination, in the details and the entire scenery

    Trapcode Tao Plug-in for After Effects

    Using the work file included in the training, you build a complete intro Create various three-dimensional geometries such as an asteroid field or an organic-looking cactus Create a color-changing background...

    Training on After Effects' Latest Updates

    The training currently contains videos on After Effects CC 17.0 and 17.1 Focusing on the new updates of After Effects By an experienced professional in search engine optimization with links to...

    Magix Music Maker Explained in Detail

    Magix Music Maker explained in detail: user interface, options and first steps 4 inspiring hours of video tutorial on audio editing  Links to real world examples by author  

    Create 3D Animation in Cinema 4D

    Create your own 3D animations: what to look for, how to go about it Principles of animation and how to apply them to the 3D realm Different animation techniques in...

    Tutorial for Cinema 4D

    Complete workflow: 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, fine-tuning with Photoshop Release 21 in practice: Learn to use the new functions of Cinema 4D R21 in a targeted manner. Including work...

    Music Training Resources

    Over 200 online resources for learning to play or produce music. It includes free resources and paid resources, company names, websites and information on basic fees.    Recommended Use: When...
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