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We offer an alternative for production, whether you are currently ordering your products locally or overseas, we'd like to offer a better alternative, address the current frustrations you have with your existing suppliers or production process.


We specialize in handcrafted items, paper as the most used medium, but with expertise in fabric and glass beads handcrafts as well. We design in-house, but we cater to designs provided by our clients for whatever projects, whether a small / sample run or mass production. 


Whether you purchase our existing designs or start with your own designs, whether you need one sample, 10 trial units or 10,000 units, we'd love to be able to assist you. We have capabilities for both short runs or mass production. We value a future relationship with you that is why we are ready to win you!

Request for a quote



With the quote you will receive, we will supply  pricing options based on different quantity breaks, including sample quantities. However, please specify quantities in your QR for us to be able to serve you better.


We can manufacture sample runs / short runs and we also have the capabilities to do mass production.



Please provide your preferred deadlines when you submit your QR. Although we aim for the shortest time possible which will be provided on your quote, our capabilities from month to month may vary due to orders we have to fulfill globally. We appreciate reasonable lead times. Urgent orders can also be accepted on a case to case basis.




We recommend attaching either templates, design files or reference photos when submitting a QR. This will alleviate the risk of misinterpretation and misunderstanding between parties and this can also help speed up the quote process which we aim to provide in 2 business days in most cases.


We only initiate the quote process once we receive specifications from each potential client. Sizes are mandatory when submitting a QR, even approximation and other specs such as colors, finishing, materials etc will also be appreciated. Please browse through our product lines to see our expertise to give you an idea of our capabilities.

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