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Express Account Invitation


1. Monetization of your content
2. Residual income, one time effort, lifetime profit
3. Extend the life of your assets / resources
4. Extend the reach of your creations
5. No uploading required



We make it easy for you. We do all the work.
All you need to do is literally log in to the Knowist account we will open for you and monitor your asset sales / downloads.

1. We open a Knowist (contributor) account for you from our backend after you give us your approval
2. We will download the relevant assets you have on your blog ourselves and
3. We upload your assets to our site ourselves. We put the relevant product descriptions, we include links or credits back to your blog, we even put relevant metatags
4. You will get notified once your account is opened and you will see what assets were uploaded to our site.
5. Through our Knowist system, log in anytime and monitor how many times your assets have been downloaded. (You can also choose to cancel assets or your account anytime.)
6. Get paid monthly through Payoneer

    No need to put the effort to open a shop like other marketplaces or install a plugin like other sites.



    1. For above generic assets, you will be part of the Share Model which is ala Spotify subscription (we'll share the link below to know more)
    2. For assets we deem as premium, you will be keeping 75% o the download price
    3. Optional: affiliate referral, get cash for every sign up from your unique link

      You already invested time and money creating your content though we are aware of these following frustrations
      - Lack of compensation - most of the time, the most compensation creators get are likes or shares
      - Lack of attribution - people use your resources already anyway and without proper attribution at times
      - Under utilization - majority of these creations will end up "gathering dust" in hard drives or cyberspace after 2 to 4 weeks of getting viewed



      - templates
      - tutorials
      - recipes that can be republished (mostly categorized as premium)
      - articles that can be republished (mostly categorized as premium)
      - photos from your social media channels and websites
      - any useful resource that can be turned into a downloadable product. In fact, we are a pioneer marketplace where articles can be bought for re-use and republishing. Think what Shutterstock is for photos by photographers, The Knowery is for content by digital creators


      - We are on our way to becoming the biggest online library for practical resources. Our aim is to be the world's go-to place for resources by small business owners, makers and freelancers globally
      - We include niche, underserved and undiscovered categories - we make room no matter how unique your categories are
      - Our biggest market is outside of the US - users who have not seen your content so far, countries who are just getting started with the DIY concept and are now wanting to keep up with the US, a staggering number of potential "downloaders" of your resources
      - We are not only for monetization, but also for social good

        DID YOU KNOW?

        - 140 people made $1.4M each using Envato; 2,200 people made $100k each (Envato is a similar resource library but only for graphics and web resources)
        Hosting Tribunal claims there are over 500 million blogs as of 2020, Tumblr alone hosts 440 million, 31 million blogs are based in the US
        - 97% of Pinterest users are US users. That means non US users use other means to discover resources, Google being the most likely tool. However, we know that Google results are based on regional and algorithmic standards. This means many relevant and useful resources are often overshadowed by resources that get on the first 2 pages of Google just because they are keyword rich or geographically related even if they are not that relevant to a search

          Thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal. Should you be interested, please visit our site if you are curious or better yet, give us your approval by filling out this short form.

          Thank you and wishing you a healthy and blessed 2021!

          The Knowery Procurement and Curation Team
          Read more about our compensation structure here
          Read more about our referral rewards here

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