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The Knowery FAQs

How do I change my account information?

Log in to your account by clicking here and update your account details from this page

How do I change my password?

Log in to your account by clicking here and update your password from this page

Do you offer subscription plans?

Yes, we offer a VIP Knower subscription plan. Read about it here.

How can I open an account to sell assets?

Thank you for your consideration of The Knowery! Please visit our Knowists page here

What are premium resources vs unlimited downloads?

Premium assets are top resources that are contributed by professionals from around the globe resulting from thoughtful and dedicated curation and editing efforts by The Knowery Team which result to premium pricing. Unlimited downloads are resources made available for VIP Knower subscription.

How can I know if it's the right asset before I purchase?

Our team and our contributor community work together and try to accurately describe the asset(s) and their recommended use. Additionally, previews of the assets are provided for further reference. We recommend to read through the description tab of each asset thoroughly as each purchase is non-refundable.
Should you need further information, there is also a question and answer tab within the asset page. You can post your questions about the asset and the contributor of the asset or one of our team members will respond accordingly.

How do I download the asset(s)?

After each purchase, a download link will be sent to the email you provided. Alternatively, log in to your account page from our site, the download link(s) will also be available from your account page.

What can I use the asset(s) for? Does it come with licenses or rights as well as usage prohibitions?

The goal of The Knowery is to simplify the access to information and resources. Generally, the assets you can purchase from The Knowery are free for personal or commercial use. The usage prohibitions are strictly for reselling the asset(s) and any other prohibitions which will be outlined under the description tab of each asset, if any.
Think of the assets as one you can find in a traditional library. You can use the information gathered from resources there for whatever purpose, however, you cannot directly copy the pages of the books or printed resources and sell them as is.
If in doubt, please send us a message and we will try to assist you as best we can.

Can I resell an asset? Can I use an asset to complete products or services for reselling through my business or profession?

You may create an end product using the assets you download from The Knowery. This is permitted as long as the end product(s) is significantly different than the original asset and has taken time, effort and skill to produce. You are not allowed to resell the asset as is or in a manner that allows for the extraction of the original item or for usage that is directly in competition with The Knowery.

Can I claim ownership and authorship of something I created using The Knowery Asset(s)?

If your creation or the end product is significantly different than the original asset you have downloaded from The Knowery, and if the end product has taken effort, time, judgement and skill to produce, it is considered your original creation and thus, can be labeled as your own.
Think of the assets as one you can find in a traditional library. You can use the information gathered from resources there for whatever purpose, however, you can not directly copy the pages of the books or printed resources and sell them as it is. If in doubt, please send us a message and we will try to assist you as best we can.

Why should I buy assets at The Knowery instead of using resources that are free online or elsewhere?

At The Knowery, our goal is to make resources readily available for users in one place, in an organized and simplified fashion. Additionally, we strive to maintain a curated selection of assets that can only be found at The Knowery. These resources are contributed by pros, people who have already experienced real world applications of the assets or people who have dedicated time and effort towards the creation of these assets.
We're confident that the resources you will find at The Knowery, most often than not, offer more value than what's available for free. The truth is, while not all, a lot of the free resources are self serving or promotional, or worse, click bait. The Knowery's curation efforts ensure that the assets that we share to our community really serve a practical value to them. Just the repurposed nature of the resources at The Knowery alone is a step up from comparables because of the real world examples these repurposed resources come with.

Do you sell contact lists with email addresses?

Our goal at The Knowery is to add value to our users by providing them with assets that can help their purposes. While we do not sell contact lists with email addresses in compliance with countries' privacy and spam laws, we provide alternative assets to be used at users' discretion in line with The Knowery's Terms and Conditions.

Examples of these assets are (but not limited to):
1. Databases that contain Company Names, Phone Numbers and Website Information that can assist an entrepreneur to get the consent or contact that they need.
2. Reports that compile price information, supplier information and other published information that can assist a user's work

I can't find what I'm looking for. How can I find more assets relevant to my search?

Our search bar is programmed to display an exhaustive list according to search keywords you use, including matching search results for misspelled words or synonyms. We recommend to use different keywords or combinations in your search. If your search does not return a relevant result, you can always visit our Requests Page. You can post asset requests and get responses in the form of new uploads by our contributors or relevant links by our team members.

I am not satisfied with the asset(s) I purchased. What are my options?

We're sorry to hear that. Since purchases are non-refundable, we try to determine and resolve your dissatisfaction through alternative ways. The avenues provided include: writing a review post purchase; emailing us about your concerns; initiating a dispute / resolution process here. Whatever method you choose, we highly recommend reviewing the asset description of what you purchased first to see if your complaint falls outside the description provided. Note that we try to be exhaustive and accurate when describing the asset to avoid situations such as this so it is highly likely that you can find answers under the description tab. If you feel that the asset has been misrepresented, feel free to initiate the recommended steps above. However, we ask that you kindly apply a fair and reasonable perspective and see whether your dissatisfaction stems from personal misinterpretation or similar reasons.
We, The Knowery team along with our contributors, do our best not only to be accurate, ethical and excellent, most importantly, we do our best to curate assets that provide real value to our users, in hopes of making a difference in the world. We are grateful to both you, our users, and our contributors alike, and we hope to build a harmonious and beautiful ecosystem that provides a real benefit to everyone.

Why is my review not showing?

Our review system is programmed to display positive reviews immediately. For less than positive reviews, our team takes 1 to 2 business days to review them and take necessary actions involving the asset contributor and you, the user. We strive to maintain a balance between transparency and constructive feedback.
We believe every asset contributed is valuable and we realize that our contributors have spent significant efforts to create the assets they are sharing. Although excellence is always a standard, we understand that errors can happen and we choose to provide the contributor with the feedback to give them or The Knowery team a chance to improve / update the asset so it may continue serving a purpose to someone.
This unorthodox approach is in line with what we believe in at The Knowery: we hope that the assets we share can catalyze someone's breakthrough and we also hope to give earning opportunity to anyone, regardless of their location or background, as long as they commit to standards of excellence and progress.

I have issues with my purchase. How can I get help?

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please click here to communicate with one of our customer service agents.

How can I leave a review?

Please visit the asset page. Each asset has a tab for reviewing. Alternatively, please log in to your account.

I am interested to buy a few assets. Do you offer a discount?

Currently, we don't offer bulk purchase discounts. However, there are ways to get a discount code from us if it hasn't been advertised already. Subscribe to our newsletter, refer a friend, or sign up for a membership subscription starting November. As a subscribed member, you get a discount on all of your purchases. We also publish promotions every now and then so be sure to check back.

Does the Knowery collect tax?

Depending on the billing address of your method of payment, your purchase from The Knowery may be subject to state and local sales tax.
If you are a tax exempt business or organization, please send us an email at to get exempted.
The Knowery is based in the US, however, since VAT (or GST) is based on the location of the buyer, not the seller, we collect VAT where applicable.

Where can I find my downloads?

After each purchase, a download link will be sent to the email you provided. Alternatively, log in to your account page from our site, the link(s) will also be available on your account page.

I did not receive the download link(s). Why did this happen?

We're sorry this happened. A most common cause to this is entering your email address erroneously or the email containing your download link(s) has been cataloged in the spam folder. Please check your spam folder or contact us to have your links re-sent to you. Alternatively, log in to your account online and find the download links there.

How secure is payment?

Security is one of our biggest considerations. We use Stripe to process credit card payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. All card numbers are encrypted and Stripe uses best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

I am a seller. Can my assets get stolen or erased?

The Knowery has been created with the strictest digital storage standards in mind. Files are stored on and delivered from Amazon S3. Data is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations. Amazon S3 has unparalleled security and compliance capabilities.
Read more about Amazon S3 here.

I found an asset that I believe violates copyrights. What can I do?

If you find an asset that is offensive or infringes copyright, please initiate a report here.
After we receive your report and open an investigation, which is on a case-by-case basis, we take the necessary action which often leads to taking down the asset from our site in the event of a positive identification of a copyright infringement.
Please note that we take reports seriously. We strongly advise against false or unfounded claims or it can result to your account on The Knowery getting suspended or in some cases, other appropriate actions enforced.

How do you ensure the integrity and quality of the assets?

We strive to offer quality resources and information through continued efforts within reasonable boundaries. Aside from consistent curation and auditing measures, we also rely on community feedback about the assets on our site. This includes reviews, dispute cases or reports submitted by our user community.
Every asset submitted by contributors are inspected for quality. Not only do we work with our contributors to ensure their submissions meet our criteria, we also provide them with tools and assistance to upgrade and improve their assets where needed.

How do you address plagiarism?

One of the catalysts to The Knowery was the identification of the pain point of content creators ie. their content being used without their permission or without compensation due to the popularity of social media. One of the problems we were hoping to solve when we started The Knowery is to provide a space for content creators to get properly compensated for their work. People already consume their content for free. In most cases, without proper attribution or worse, without compensation even if the consumer of their content makes / made money using their content directly or indirectly. We wanted to incentivise good content creation, hoping that it can help us all become more responsible consumers. Needless to say, we understand the pain of work being copied or misused.
At The Knowery, we employ a variety of measures to avoid infringement on copyrights. This includes audits, monitoring and providing our contributors with the tools and feedback to meet standards. In the unlikely event of a violation, we have measures in place to rectify the violation.

Who can sell assets?

Anyone can sell. Regardless of location or background, if you own or have compiled information or resources that are useful, practical and can benefit someone, you qualify as a seller. Anyone who has digital or digitized assets that meet The Knowery standards or willing to work with The Knowery to meet the curation standards.

What kind of assets can I sell?

The Knowery specializes in knowledge, information, data or resources that have practical application. You will see that majority, if not all assets offered at The Knowery are practical knowledge rather than theoretical or bookish knowledge. That is also the reason why we specialize in repurposed assets. Repurposed assets are most likely to have already been useful to someone, and in all likelihood, useful to another. That said, newly created data / assets are also welcome as long as you can identify a practical use for them which is part of the requirement when uploading an asset.
We recommend to browse through our offerings to get inspiration or visit our Knowists page to learn more.

What kind of files do you accept?

All files that come in a digital or digitized format can be uploaded. Just bear in mind that your files have to be useful and as user-friendly as possible to the person buying it. Please browse our product page / Knowist page / request page to get ideas.

Can I sell assets I don't own?

According to copyright laws in multiple countries, if you created assets using your effort, time, judgement and labour, or if your creation or the end product is significantly different than the original asset you based your work on, your work is considered original / authored by you. If this is the case, you can sell the assets.
Any asset that is entirely or substantially copied from a source, is an infringement on copyright and thus, cannot be sold at The Knowery.
If an asset was created by you as an employee or as work-for-hire, the asset is the property of your employer. Thus, the rights to sell the assets at The Knowery remain to be your employer's.

Can I sell newly created, not repurposed assets?

Definitely. You can create new content as long as they are within our submission guidelines. Read about our submission guidelines here.

What is the approval process for selling assets?

After signing up as a contributor (also known as Knowist), get started by uploading your first asset(s). Within 24 to 48 hours, our curation team will review the asset(s) and will either move them forward as an approved, ready to sell asset or provide you with feedback on how to improve your asset to meet standards.
We respect and welcome every contribution. No contribution is ever trivialized as we understand there is no way we can ever fully anticipate what our users might need. To keep this consideration balanced with our integrity and excellence standards, our team will work with you in the event your submission does not meet immediate approval standards. We will help you improve or adjust your assets so they can qualify for The Knowery.

Why do you need to approve assets?

We envision The Knowery to be one of the top authorities in the industry. Apart from that, we aim for The Knowery to provide real value to both users and contributors, users in the form of quality content that can potentially catalyze their breakthroughs and contributors to benefit from economic gains provided by our platform. We can only meet these ends when we maintain the integrity of the site, thus the approval measures in place. The measures are not to discourage you, but to help you as a seller achieve long term and repeat income goals rather than one time payouts.

How do I get paid?

We work with contributors globally, so we elected to use Payoneer which allows for worldwide payment directly to international bank accounts. Payoneer is a leader in the industry, used by industry giants the likes of Walmart.

How much commission does The Knowery get?

The Knowery gets 25% commission on premium resources and for standard resources, The Knowery applies the Share Model. Read about it here.

Can I choose to sell my assets to specific countries and hide it from other countries?

Yes, you can. We understand the breadth and uniqueness of The Knowery's product mix and the need to make specific assets visible / invisible to specific countries. Our upload process has this feature.

How can I protect my assets from copycats, getting plagiarized or resold?

We value you as a contributor and we understand the effort behind every asset created / compiled by you. We strive to monitor suspicious activities and we also employ education tools to encourage responsible use and initiate compliance to assuage the risk of your work being misused. However, there are things beyond our control and in the extreme situation of your work being misused brought to our attention, we will take reasonable, appropriate measures. The good news is, currently, there is no platform performing an equal function, offering the same product mix as The Knowery so we are banking on this advantage to strengthen our measures.

Why should I sell at The Knowery and not other sites?

Currently, we are not aware of other platforms that offer the same product mix and allow the exact same type of repurposed assets to be sold on their sites as The Knowery. The Knowery has this unique advantage which we hope our users can profit from. More importantly, apart from this unique position we have, we really care for and value our user and contributor communities that is why we are committed to constant incremental progress, actions and upgrades that can benefit The Knowery community.
Our mission and vision are based on the desire and firm resolve to make a difference in people's lives, whether as a user of the assets or as a contributor for economic gains. We hope, as you use The Knowery, you will find real value in being part of our community and you get to realize the altruistic motives behind our operations.
You can further read about us here or the benefits of The Knowery here.

Do you protect contributors from misuse of assets?

We employ education and monitoring measures to promote responsible use of the assets and we also include clauses in our Terms and Conditions, including contributor indemnification. Read more about it here.

What are your recommendations for asset submission?

Read about asset submission guidelines here.

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