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SUPPORT - Asset Approval

What is the approval process for selling assets?

After signing up as a contributor (also known as Knowist), get started by uploading your first asset(s). Within 24 to 48 hours, our curation team will review the asset(s) and will either move them forward as an approved, ready to sell asset or provide you with feedback on how to improve your asset to meet standards.

We respect and welcome every contribution. No contribution is ever trivialized as we understand there is no way we can ever fully anticipate what our users might need. To keep this consideration balanced with our integrity and excellence standards, our team will work with you in the event your submission does not meet immediate approval standards. We will help you improve or adjust your assets so they can qualify for The Knowery.


Why do you need to approve assets?

We envision The Knowery to be one of the top authorities in the industry. Apart from that, we aim for The Knowery to provide real value to both users and contributors, users in the form of quality content that can potentially catalyze their breakthroughs and contributors to benefit from economic gains provided by our platform. We can only meet these ends when we maintain the integrity of the site, thus the approval measures in place. The measures are not to discourage you, but to help you as a seller achieve long term and repeat income goals rather than one time payouts.

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