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How can I know it's the right asset before I purchase?

Our team and our contributor community work together and try to accurately describe the asset(s) and their recommended use. Additionally, previews of the assets are provided for further reference. We  recommend to read through the description tab of each asset thoroughly as each purchase is non-refundable. 

Should you need further information, there is also a question and answer tab within the asset page. You can post your questions about the asset and the contributor of the asset or one of our team members will respond accordingly.


Do you sell contact lists with email addresses?

Our goal at The Knowery is to add value to our users by providing them with assets that can help their purposes. While we do not sell contact lists with email addresses in compliance with countries' privacy and spam laws, we provide alternative assets to be used at users' discretion in line with The Knowery's Terms and Conditions.

Examples of these assets are (but not limited to):

1. Databases that contain Company Names, Phone Numbers and Website Information that can assist an entrepreneur to get the consent or contact that they need.

2. Reports that compile price information, supplier information and other published information that can assist a user's work

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