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SUPPORT - Asset Plagiarism

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How do you address plagiarism?

One of the catalysts to The Knowery was the identification of the pain point of content creators ie. their content being used without their permission or without compensation due to the popularity of social media. One of the problems we were hoping to solve when we started The Knowery is to provide a space for content creators to get properly compensated for their work. People already consume their content for free. In most cases, without proper attribution or worse, without compensation even if the consumer of their content makes / made money using their content directly or indirectly. We wanted to incentivise good content creation, hoping that it can help us all become more responsible consumers. Needless to say, we understand the pain of work being copied or misused.

At The Knowery, we employ a variety of measures to avoid infringement on copyrights. This includes audits, monitoring and providing our contributors with the tools and feedback to meet standards. In the unlikely event of a violation, we have measures in place to rectify the violation.

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