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How can I leave a review?

Please visit the asset page. Each asset has a tab for reviewing. Alternatively, please log in to your account.


Why is my review not showing?

Our review system is programmed to display positive reviews immediately. For less than positive reviews, our team takes 1 to 2 business days to review them and take necessary actions involving the asset contributor and you, the user. We strive to maintain a balance between transparency and constructive feedback. 

We believe every asset contributed is valuable and we realize that our contributors have spent significant efforts to create the assets they are sharing. Although excellence is always a standard, we understand that errors can happen and we choose to provide the contributor with the feedback to give them or The Knowery team a chance to improve / update the asset so it may continue serving a purpose to someone. 

This unorthodox approach is in line with what we believe in at The Knowery: we hope that the assets we share can catalyze someone's breakthrough and we also hope to give earning opportunity to anyone, regardless of their location or background, as long as they commit to standards of excellence and progress.



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