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SUPPORT - Purchase Satisfaction & Issues

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I have issues with my purchase. How can I get help?

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please click here to communicate with one of our customer service agents. 


I am not satisfied with the asset(s) I purchased. What are my options?

We're sorry to hear that. Since purchases are non-refundable, we try to determine and resolve your dissatisfaction through alternative ways.  The avenues provided include: writing a review post purchase; emailing us about your concerns; initiating a dispute / resolution process here. Whatever method you choose, we highly recommend reviewing the asset description of what you purchased first to see if your complaint falls outside the description provided. Note that we try to be exhaustive and accurate when describing the asset to avoid situations such as this so it is highly likely that you can find answers under the description tab. If you feel that the asset has been misrepresented, feel free to initiate the recommended steps above. However, we ask that you kindly apply a fair and reasonable perspective and see whether your dissatisfaction stems from personal misinterpretation or similar reasons. 

We, The Knowery team along with our contributors, do our best not only to be accurate, ethical and excellent, most importantly, we do our best to curate assets that provide real value to our users, in hopes of making a difference in the world. We are grateful to both you, our users, and our contributors alike, and we hope to build a harmonious and beautiful ecosystem that provides a real benefit to everyone. 



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