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SUPPORT - Types of Assets

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What kind of assets can I sell?

The Knowery specializes in knowledge, information, data or resources that have practical application. You will see that majority, if not all assets offered at The Knowery are practical knowledge rather than theoretical or bookish knowledge. That is also the reason why we specialize in repurposed assets. Repurposed assets are most likely to have already been useful to someone, and in all likelihood, useful to another. That said, newly created data / assets are also welcome as long as you can identify a practical use for them which is part of the requirement when uploading an asset.

We recommend to browse through our offerings to get inspiration or visit our Knowists page to learn more.


What kind of files do you accept? What content can be uploaded?

All files that come in a digital or digitized format can be uploaded. Just bear in mind that your files have to be useful and as user-friendly as possible to the person buying it. Please browse our product page / Knowist page / request page to get ideas.


Can I sell assets that I don't own?

According to copyright laws in multiple countries, if you created assets using your effort, time, judgement and labour, or if your creation or the end product is significantly different than the original asset you based your work on, your work is considered original / authored by you. If this is the case, you can sell the assets.

Any asset that is entirely or substantially copied from a source, is an infringement on copyright and thus, cannot be sold on The Knowery.

If an asset was created by you as an employee or as work-for-hire, the asset is the property of your employer. Thus, the rights to sell the assets at The Knowery remain to be your employer's.


Can I sell newly created, not repurposed assets?

Definitely. You can create new content as long as they are within our submission guidelines. Read about our submission guidelines here.

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