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The Knowery - The New Library

Your breakthrough can come from someone's stock knowledge.

At The Knowery, people from around the globe repurpose resources they have by sharing them here. Sharing them here means unlocking new values for their underutilized assets, finding new and more efficient ways to get economically rewarded for their creations, and most importantly, contributing towards a greater good by helping make a difference, empowering you with resources that might catalyze your breakthrough.

It all started when the founders had a few dilemmas to solve. First: after selling their overstock items in flea markets from their recent business pivot, they realized they were left with a handful of product templates that were most likely to be gathering dust in a hard drive. They thought they can give them away and perhaps help someone in the process, say, a person starting his / her own business. 

Second, they had a personal document they needed to urgently send to South America from Asia in 2 days. The problem is, half of the companies they called do not have the capacity to work within the time frame and the other half were charging outrageously exorbitant rates to do so. Never giving up, they continued their extensive research and came across a friend of a friend of a friend who had the same previous dilemma who gave them the contact information of a shipping company who charged them a mere $40.00, a tiny, tiny fraction of the amount they were ready to pay, albeit grudgingly, had they not found this alternative. As a token of gratitude, they bought this guy a cup of coffee for less than ten bucks.

They realized, their dilemmas were not unique to them. So many people either have information or need information of value but do not have the proper space to share or find them. Sure, there were incumbents, classified ads or digital product marketplaces but the available options did not have either the product mix or the structure to support the new product categories that arose due to the sheer volume of underutilized assets and digital resources around the globe. In addition to this realization, they also know so many content creators and resource owners like them were reduced to sharing their information online and the most compensation they get are likes or virtual thumbs ups. Worse, despite their good intention, this trend bred a community of "sharers" who put together stuff to share merely for promotional purposes, to increase their number of likes. Most often, shallow, promotional content like these eclipse the real, valuable resources shared, further diluting the type of information one can find online. These realizations led to the creation of The Knowery.

The Knowery is a global marketplace for practical knowledge, digital resources, repurposed content and information on-demand. It's a collaborative library with user-generated content encompassing a wide range of topics for a plethora of intentions: from business to academia, legal and government down to practical, everyday applications

Thousands of curated, useful, practical and most often repurposed digital resources are shared by our community of companies and individuals. These same assets that have proven useful to them at some point potentially prove useful to another at one point.

At the heart of The Knowery is the fundamental belief that everyone of us, based on our own unique experiences and perspectives, acquire knowledge that are useful to us, and in all likelihood, useful to someone else.

We aim to make a difference with repurposed digital resources. Similar to the movement of recycling and upcycling of physical assets, there are benefits to be had and new values to be discovered when digital assets are repurposed. We would love to contribute towards a society with no waste, thus, we have taken the ambitious move to pioneer the digital goods "flea market" model.

More importantly, as today's digital landscape has changed the way we do things, we aim to explore revolutionary ways to include stock knowledge and other intangible assets as accepted factors to one's net worth.

We envision to influence meaningful change by making full use of the benefits afforded by the collaborative and circular economies.

Our mission is to empower the Knower, those curious for information, with useful and practical resources in the form of repurposed assets for whatever unique purpose: to get a business started, to improve office systems, to complete a school project, to support a purchase decision, to validate an idea, to create business strategies, to learn about a specific process - whatever it may be. Assets that might save you time, break the geographical and accessibility barriers, simplify convoluted data, get you inspired or thinking and most importantly, assets that might catalyze your breakthrough. We also aim to empower the Knowists, those who share their assets, with the facility to repurpose content, use underutilized assets for economic gains and unlock new values of your assets beyond your initial intention.

The Knowery's guiding principle is simple: we want to help catalyze people's breakthroughs by providing access to valuable, useful and practical resources and a great opportunity for creators and resource owners to share, to teach, to help, to be heard and get economically rewarded for their time and efforts. 

We can learn from anyone. Everyone has useful content or some expertise to share. At The Knowery, we believe - knowledge shared is power multiplied.

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