Become a Better Leader Through Self Care

  • Week 1: The role of the manager
    Role assumption
    The leadership role
    Stress in the leadership role
  • Week 2: implementation
    In week 2 you have time to put what you have learned into practice. 
  • Week 3: Leadership
    Leadership vs. To lead
    Leadership skills
    Leadership types & leadership styles
    Power & Control
  • Week 4: Implementation
    In week 4 you have time to put what you have learned into practice and reflection
  • Week 5: Your way to more security and self-confidence
    Get out of the victim role
  • Week 6: Implementation
  • Week 7: Your values ​​& influences
    Subjective perception
    Your values
    Personal triggers / inner drivers
    Beliefs / thought patterns
  • Week 8 & 9: implementation
    Phase 2 is the most intensive for your personality development, so with week 8 & 9 you have 2 weeks to put your learned knowledge into practice. Y
    Phase 3: change
  • Week 10: With full motivation into your future as a self-confident leader
    What are your goals?
    Goal setting
    Your contingency plan
  • Week 11 & 12: implementation
    In weeks 11 & 12 you will have time to reflect, organize and put into practice all of your knowledge. 
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