Checklist For Commissioning Logo Work

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  1. Research whether the logo name has already been protected as a trademark in the relevant industry and whether the appropriate domain has not yet been assigned. Alternatively, you can have a professional trademark research carried out.
  2. Get an overview of how competitors present themselves and what their logos look like. Make notes for your brief when necessary. Check for logo ideas and inspirations by checking our logo resources here.
  3. Create a brief so that the graphic designer has the most complete information possible, knows your wishes and thus provides the optimal basis for the logo development.
  4. Request for a cost proposal from your graphic designer. Determine the inclusives:
  • The number of logo drafts that are included
  • The number of edits included
  • File formats that should be provided when the logo is completed: scalable vector graphics (eps or ai) and a high-resolution tiff for printing as well as jpgs for digital media use
  • The usage rights / license rights


  1. Similarities in the design of the developed logo to other well-known brands or competitors
  2. Is the logo usable in all required applications such as flyers, websites, business cards, letterheads, social media?
  3. The interaction of the logo with other components of the corporate design is harmonious (if one has already been created)

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