Complete Checklist for Bridal Emergency Kit


From Almost Perfect to Perfect: Wedding Backup Plans To Mitigate Wedding Mishaps

A curated list of (really thoughtful) wedding backup plans any bride should include in their planning

  1. Mints / gum

  2. Chargers / batteries or power banks

  3. Wedding wows duplicate copies

  4. Directional signage (eg this way to bathroom etc)

  5. First Aid Kit (meds, allergen medications)

  6. Emergency kit (bobby pins, sewing kit, sanitary napkin / tampon, glue, glue gun, string, rubber bands, super glue)

  7. Bridal kit (travel sized toiletries, make up kit, sweat wipes, deodorant, mints, pocket mirror, back up eyelashes – if needed)

  8. Printed contact List and preferably on a clipboard

  9. Back up contact list for vendor mishaps or no-shows

  10. Tissue packs

  11. Return Stickers adhered to items that might get lost or left around

  12. Luggage to easily carry all these (identifiable by color)

  13. Buffers for games, music etc

  14. Back up playlist

  15. Envelopes for last minute gifts and tipping

  16. Emergency clauses (vendor contracts) (extra guests, rain for outdoor venues, florists floral provisions,

  17. Kids activities

  18. Laptop for use by emcee or DJ or anyone who might need it as backup

  19. Back up shoes (when heels might break for anyone in the wedding party)

  20. Cards and gifts collector (assigned by you to look after the gifts and put them away once table is full)

  21. Camera

  22. Water-down request to the bartender for certain guests that need some assistance


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