Event Center Architectural Plans

  • The listed, renovated locomotive shed has been a popular event location since 2008; the area is used and played on by social institutions.
  • The former turntable forms the core of a newly created urban development field with the locomotive shed as the center. The design of the outside space is based on this center point and also stages it. Various paving stones and slabs made of Corten steel trace the former turntable. This area becomes an open platform for a multitude of conceivable uses - as an extension of outdoor dining, for open-air concerts or markets, as a meeting point or play area. The former tracks are marked as tracks in the ground. A seating area in the radius of the former turntable is girded by an area with raised lawn cushions. In a park-like transition area, trees screen the common areas from the adjacent parking spaces. 
  • The design takes into account functional requirements such as accessibility, accessibility, parking spaces, robustness and the concerns of the neighboring private, partly commercially used properties. The urban reorganization keeps a further structural development open.
Recommended Use